What are your Rotary responsibilities?

As in most clubs, you should attend the meetings, and pay your dues. This is the same for Rotary; however, in our club we are bound by the International Manual of Procedure that requires a minimum of 50 percent attendance at club meetings. In addition, the Club Board of Directors reviews all members who have missed four consecutive meetings. The Board then has the power to revoke their membership.

As for the dues, here is the setup: weekly dues are $5.00 new members initiation fees are $40.00 this covers badge, shirt costs and registration costs. Our annual dues are $200.00 per year that covers our Rotary international fees. The annual statement is mailed out in July of each year and payment is due by October you can make arrangements with the treasure to pay this half yearly at $100.00 or quartile if required.

Another responsibility of club members is to assist the Program Chairperson to obtain programs for the weekly Meetings. All that is required is that the programs be interesting. Our club has an unwritten policy saying political speeches during campaigns are not encouraged at our meetings.

Members are encouraged to volunteer for committee work. (WE HAVE A SAYING – PLEASE DO AS MUCH OR AS LITTLE AS YOU CAN) As a club we do many things, from holding an annual Auction or pub raffles. For all of our events we need volunteer members. This is the best way to get to know our fellow Rotarians up close and personal.

Members are also needed to chair these committees. What better way to learn leadership skills than to head up our programs. You quickly learn the various interests of fellow Rotarians when you pass around a sign up sheet hoping for enough volunteers to do the project.

Finally, members are asked to consider giving to the Rotary Foundation.

THIS IS NOT A REQUIRMENT THOUGH, this is called 'becoming a Paul Harris Fellow.' To achieve a PHF you need to contribute $1,000 in a lump sum, or $100 or more per year over a 10-year period (a Sustaining Membership). After three years of investing your PHF contribution, Rotary International then divides it up and sends 50 per cent back to our District (this amount is called 'District Designated Funds' and is used for district projects) and 50 per cent is used by RI for its humanitarian projects worldwide. Considering that your PHF money has been dispersed after three years, you are asked to give at least $100 a year, every year, to the Foundation to continually replenish your original PHF.

Then, for every $1,000 you give over time, you will receive another Paul Harris Fellowship. (Please note: as you earn PHFs, you may 'pass them on' by designating spouses, children, other relatives, or friends, as Paul Harris Fellows).

After you fund your second PHF, and from then on, you will be recognized by the term, 'multiple PHF', and that is quite an honour in Rotary.

"We can make you a member of the Rotary Club of Wellington Point, but only you can become a Rotarian"