Welcome to the Wellington Point Rotary Club

Wellington Point Rotarians are community members, business and professional leaders who take an active role in our community while greatly enriching their own personal and professional lives though club fellowship. Our Rotary club contains a diverse group of people from our community and we are proud of this fact.

Rotary.  You’ve heard of our organisation and seen us helping out and about in the community, but you probably don't know what we actually do or what we stand for.  We were shocked to see through recent research that nearly 60 percent of surveyed individuals didn't realise that a Rotary club exists in their own local community.  We are now even more passionate and determined to spread the good news of Rotary to anyone and everyone.

This website will give you some information on the activities of our Rotary club, and links to the world of Rotary International - a world-wide organisation of community volunteers who wish to help others, and it will acquaint you with the organisation and activities.

We come from all walks of life and are united under the Rotary motto of "Service Above Self". Just like you, we are passionate about making a practical difference in our local community, throughout Australia and overseas.

Why join the Wellington Point Rotary Club

First, it's fun! If you'd like to meet people and work on community projects to better other peoples lives then this club is for you. You have the opportunity to meet regularly, listen to a good program, or work together on a project with people you can feel at home with while being a valued Rotarian.

Rotary offers opportunities that you do not want to miss. You will be proud to tell your family, friends and neighbours you are a Wellington Point Rotarian.

Come and talk to us and you will soon want to be part of Wellington Point Rotary Club. We meet in a relaxed atmosphere at the Redlands Sporting Club, Anson Road, Wellington Point on Wednesday nights at 7pm - 8pm.  Meet some of us at 6pm if you would like to sample the dining options at the club before the meeting. Please check the calendar on the news page or contact one of us for the up to date info. 

In today's busy world, our motto is "Do as much or as little as you can" - in other words, any help you give is appreciated and your ideas are both welcomed and valued in refining our club's direction.

The Rotary Club of Wellington Point is proudly sponsored by Redlands City Council and Birkdale Optical

 The Rotary Club of Wellington Point was charted on the 31/07/2010.