What do we do?

Rotary clubs make a difference locally and internationally through service. By taking time to learn about local and international issues, our club has discovered new opportunities for effective service projects.

In this section, you'll see the various activities of the Rotary Club of Wellington Point.

These are some of our current projects.

Every amount donated or earned by the Rotary Club of Wellington Point is spent in support of many local charities and worthy causes throughout Australia and the world.

Shown below are some of the beneficiaries from the club during the last year.

We are committed to helping fellow Queenslanders who suffer the consequences of the natural disasters.

The Australian Rotary Health - Supporting healthier minds, bodies and communities through research, awareness and education.

Since 1986, Rotary Clubs and Rotarians have supported Health Research in Australia. Current support primarily goes to Mental Illness research in Australians. Applications are available for Mental Health Research Grants, Colin Dodds Post Doctoral Fellowship, and Geoffrey Betts Post Doctoral Fellowship.

Rotary Australia Repurposing Equipment (R.A.R.E)

R.A.R.E. is a program supported by Rotary Clubs in Australia which grew out of the compassion and concern of returning overseas volunteers. The program involves the collection, sorting, packing, dispatch and distribution of donated items to countries in need of these goods. Many goods and products, for which organisations in Australia have no further use, are valuable commodities in needy countries.


Shelterbox began in 2001 as a modest project by a Rotary club in England, and is registered as a UK charity. It quickly garnered support among Rotary clubs worldwide.

To date Shelterbox has raised $29 million and delivered aid to 40 countries in response to more than 70 disasters. Each Shelterbox container costs $1,000 to sponsor, and Rotary clubs provide more than half of the charity's funding.

Other Local Involvement